Sorry, this is going to be a long post. Most of it is quite important. Please take the time to read it as there might be something that you need to do before your swimmer is able to return.


We are going to restart sessions back to the normal timetable on Monday 13th September. This week (6th – 10th) we are going to continue the holiday programme – 7-8pm Monday and Wednesday for those who have been attending sessions during the holiday.


From Monday 13th the club will return to normal. Sessions will be on the days/times that they were before the first lockdown of March 2020, including all additional sessions available in the week. If you can’t remember what this was, just get in touch (details at the bottom). This means that there are no longer any distancing requirements for swimmers.


Before swimmers can return they need to sign back up to Swim England if they haven’t already. This covers their insurance to swim. You will receive an e-mail from the Swim England system within the next couple of days – watch out for it (it might end up in junk mail / spam). You will need to click the link in the e-mail and enter the swimmer’s details. Make sure that you put in a parent’s e-mail address, and that you open the privacy policy (it won’t let you accept it until you’ve opened it to read it). Swim England membership costs £17 for the 2021 year no matter what time of year you sign up. By completing the application you are agreeing to pay the club this amount, even if you later decide that you do not want to come back (as the club will have to pay it on your behalf before you can return).


Payments go back to normal. Sessions will cost £2.50, and a missed club night will be charged for (at £1.50). We’re happy to announce that we can now take payment via contactless methods: credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. We’ve been asked about this for a while now. We still accept cash or cheques. Payments will be taken at a desk in reception on Mondays or by the Thursday/Friday registers again and as we’re back to the normal rules we expect payments to be kept up to date weekly. Please note that you may owe something from before the first lockdown too – get in touch (details at the bottom) if you want to check. Money should not be a barrier to attending the club if you want to - contact us for a confidential chat if it's a problem.


During September your club membership fee is due. That’s the annual money that you pay to be part of our club. This year the cost is £7.50 per swimmer (increased this year to pay for the cost of being able to process contactless payments). This is due before the end of September.


We’re going to run sessions as normal as possible but Covid is still around so we ask that you think about what precautions you want to take. We still suggest that swimmers arrive with costumes on under normal clothes to minimise changing room use before the sessions. We would still like to ask that spectators are kept to a minimum and that you take appropriate precautions as you see fit (face coverings, distancing etc) if you come into the building.


If you’re not coming into the building to spectate we still need a parent or guardian to stay close by (e.g. waiting in the car park) for our width swimmers – for anyone who swims across the pool. Swimmers will exit via the normal entrance door – if you’re picking someone up please wait just outside (we’ve been asked to not have lots of people waiting around inside the building).


We’re looking forward to getting back to normal and we hope that you are too.


If you have any questions (including to check your session time) or concerns, please click here to send us a message.