The club was founded with the idea of making swimming 'open to all' of the younger members of our local community. We welcome applications from anyone at any time (provided that the swimmer is over 5 years old).

To apply you need to fill out an application form. If the swimmer is under the age of 18 a parent / guardian must fill it in for them. When we receive an application form the swimmer will be added in to the club waiting list system, and as soon as we have space at an appropriate level we'll invite you in for a one-off assessment (usually at one of our Thursday or Friday night sessions) to decide which session would best suit your needs. The waiting list works on a first-come first-served system.

To join the club you’ll need to commit to regular attendance at the Monday night 'club night' session (weekly during school term time). See our sessions page for information about the additional optional sessions

You can collect an application form from our front desk at the pool at our club night sessions on Monday night, at any time during the night (from 5.30pm - 9pm). You can hand in a form to any teacher at any of our sessions.



If you have any questions about applying you can use this form, but please note that this is for enquiries only – we won't accept applications this way.

Please feel free to come down to any of our sessions and talk to us if you have any questions that haven't been answered above or on the About us pages.